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Effectively attracting customers using chalk art

Chalk art has become popular as commercial art,
Workshops where you can experience making works have recently been held in various parts of Japan as content for attractive customer-drawing events that will appeal to children as well as parents and seniors.

In recent years, drawing events on streets, streets, glass, walls and other extraordinary places, and
Live art performances on blackboards, glass, walls, streets, etc. are also highly evaluated as content that attracts customers from Corona.

Chalk art workshop events that are popular with the child-rearing generation
Even in the first experience, the work is highly complete, and we receive frequent voices from participants

As a regular customer attraction event that also leads to branding
(1) Event contents such as commercial facilities, (2) Attracting customers at housing exhibition halls, (3) Local event events, etc.
It is effective as an event to attract customers targeting families.
In addition, the courses to experience chalk art range from simple experiences to full-scale learning.
We also offer a chalk art course that dispatches excellent teachers.

Instructors teach chalk art in (1) recreation at nursing homes, (2) extracurricular lessons at elementary, junior high and high schools, and (3) extracurricular lessons at vocational schools.
Because we have a lot of achievements and are familiar with the charm of chalk art,
It is possible to provide valuable content that utilizes the essence of chalk art. Please feel free to contact us for event requests and instructor dispatch requests.


Introducing examples of events using chalk art

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No posts published in this language yet
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