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About us

Organization overview

CHALK'S Co., Ltd.
[Operating company]

CHALK'S Co., Ltd. established chalk art as "art".
We will do our utmost to discover and develop the demand of chalk artists and sign artists as "professions".
With the aim of educating children in the future and ensuring that it takes root in Japanese culture,
It is a private company that spreads the charm of hand-painting all over Japan.

Starting with the "Chalk & Sign Art Project", a project that spreads the appeal of hand-painted art centered on chalk art.
Chalk Trip CAFE, an entertainment cafe of chalk art,
He also manages the online chalk art class "Chalk Elementary School," which has the lowest threshold in Japan.
We are expanding our business from various angles and working to promote it.


Management member


Comprehensive producer

Hiroshi Yamada

Secretary General / Event Creator

Satoshi Horiuchi

Manager / Chalk Art Dedicated Advisor

Yuka Ozaki

Still a rare male teacher in the world of chalk art.

Hirose Chalk Art School is open in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Besides that, as a chalk art signboard artist

He is active and has produced many signboards.

Gaining tremendous trust from Monique,

He was given the title of Hobby Gold Teacher for this project.

Toward the spread of chalk art, chalk art all over the country

While focusing on activities to uncover needs

Monique's regular brand "Monique Art Style"

Also involved in the launch of Monique's first art exhibition in Japan,

"Monique Cannon, Writer Visits to Japan Exhibition" was held.

Various events and production projects by chalk art

Produced and working to develop demand for chalk art.

Only three people are allowed in Monique in the world

One of the "Gold Teachers".

From the beginning, Monique was also recognized for its amazingly reliable technology.

Get the title of Gold.

The representative chalk art school "Hakusumi-do"

Based in Saitama prefecture, we are expanding the scope of our activities to various parts of the country.

Also, the ability and recognition as an artist,

The popularity is a talented person who is highly evaluated in the industry.










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