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What is the Chalk and Sign Art Project?

What is the Chalk and Sign Art Project?
This is a project that contributes to the spread of chalk art.
Chalk art, events, sign production

In modern society, IT is becoming more and more popular, and you can do anything with just one personal computer.
Meanwhile, most of the things that are expressed as media, such as signboards and advertisements, are produced in the graphic world.
Because of this era, the appeal of handwriting is being reassessed.

Among them, chalk art started as commercial art and
It is a typical art that gives warmth and impact that cannot be experienced in photographs and graphics.

Based on the idea of "I want to spread chalk art to more people", the purpose is to spread the name recognition and recognition of chalk art and increase its value.
"Chalk & Sign Art Project" was born.

In this project, we will hold events and special exhibitions centered on chalk art, signboard production, menu board production, mural painting, booklet visual design production, etc.
Online lessons that make full use of YouTube, in-house management of chalk art entertainment type cafe, etc.
We provide a wide range of complex services related to chalk art.

Through such activities, chalk art was established as "art" and
Focusing on discovering and cultivating demand as a "profession" for chalk artists and sign artists, we will educate future children and take root as Japanese culture.
Our business philosophy is to spread the appeal of hand-painting throughout Japan.

Including educational projects such as the operation of a qualification system for chalk artists
Development of fields where qualified artists can play an active role, activity support,
We continue to provide services for further skill improvement.

Through this project, many people will feel more familiar with chalk art.
And I hope that the fun will spread.

What is chalk art? Chalk art, events, sign production

Chalk art is said to have originated from a British pub sign.

When he traveled to Australia with British immigrants, local sign craftsmen took on a more colorful and artistic current form.

Originally, chalk art was drawn using chalk, but as the need for color has increased and for improving durability, the method of drawing using oil pastel has become mainstream.

Nowadays, regardless of the type of painting material used, the art works drawn on the blackboard are generally called "chalk art".

I've seen it at a cafe! Chalk art, events, sign production

I've seen it at restaurants, etc.
The art that expresses food and drinks drawn on the blackboard is
Originally, it is "chalk art" that originated in Australia.

The menu board expressed with chalk art is an art technique that expresses "deliciousness that is difficult to convey digitally" and gives you a feeling of warmth peculiar to hand-painting.

The feature is that it is drawn very delicately and three-dimensionally by superimposing various colors of oil pastel.


An example of a work

Chalk and Sign Art Projectとは2-2.jpg
Chalk and Sign Art Projectとは2-4.jpg
Chalk and Sign Art Projectとは2-1.jpg
Chalk and Sign Art Projectとは2-3.jpg










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